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Styled Living room with bench
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→ Interior with e-Design and Redesign

e-Design Service

Do you want to transform your space and you are not sure how to visualize it or unsure what your design style is?

Whether it is one room or your entire home, let us help you turn your ideas into reality. eDesign streamlines the design process, enhances collaboration through cloud-based platforms, and allows for more efficient interior design and feedback for your virtual designer.

Redesign Service

Do you want to transform and enhance your existing interior spaces?

By focusing on strategic enhancements and creative solutions, as interior designers, we help clients achieve a renewed and improved space that better suits their needs and preferences.

→  Short-Term Rental Property to Superhost Status

Short-term Rental Design Service

Looking to transform your short-term rental property into an exceptional experience?

Whether you're an investor, property manager, or individual, we're here to help you unlock the full potential of your rental.

We specialize in designing short-term rentals for maximum income, refreshing underperforming vacation rentals, creating cost-effective shopping carts for discounted items, and providing top-notch e-design services. Let us enhance your property to attract more guests and elevate your rates, ensuring comfort, enjoyment, and stand-out appeal for your guests.

No matter your goals, we're passionate about helping you invest in a future designed for your vision.
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Want to ensure your property maintains the highest standards for your guests? Learn more about our quality control inspection service for your short-term vacation rental by signing up to receive our detailed service guide.
Boho Style Bedroom
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"I have known Tanna for more than 10 years. She is extremely talented, creative, innovative, organized, trustworthy, and professional. She has helped me immensely with both personal and professional projects such as interior design and organization.
I own a small boutique hotel and we recently remodeled and Tanna was instrumental to helping get an updated look. She has also helped me with residential and commercial real estate projects such as investment/condos, sales, and staging. I would highly recommend Tanna!"


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