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Inspecting your rental properties with a detailed report of anything that is missing, damaged, or worn that you are disclosing as available in your rental.
Why do you need a quality control inspection?
  • To look over the small details that cleaners aren’t catching (however, the guests are!).

  • You want every guest to have the same experience, leaving the best reviews.

  • You want to maintain or reach Superhost status with high-end, luxury stays for your guests.

How do quality control inspections work?
  • Meet with us to determine what you are looking for with each property. We will do an inventory and walk the property together on the initial inspection. 

  • No time to meet in person? We can generate a basic inventory list of what is expected in every unit and report anything we see that needs attention.

  • We offer a la carte options to replace items in the property. Example: linens, soap, detergent, towels, coffee maker, etc.


  • Under 2,000 sqft: $250
  • 2,000-5,000 sqft: $450
  • Over 5,000 sqft: will be priced separately

If we are inspecting 3 or more properties for you, a discount of $50 will be given upon billing.

Pricing does NOT include the cost to replace items or any repairs.  Cali Coastal Design does NOT make any repairs to the property.  We are there to inspect and report.  Clients will be given a detailed description of what is needed in each property alongside recommendations to boost rental income.

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Want to ensure your property maintains the highest standards for your guests? Learn more about our quality control inspection service for your short-term vacation rental by signing up to receive our detailed service guide.
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